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Professional Services

Delivrering positive outcomes through proven specialist services

Professional Services - Safe Network provides specialised therapeutic services for individuals who have engaged in concerning, problematic, or harmful sexual behaviour

We are one of three community-based specialist services that cover New Zealand

Our goal is to work with our clients to address the factors that led to this behaviour and its impact on others, creating positive outcomes that lead to a safer environment for our client, their family and friends, and the wider community.

We are one of three community-based specialist services that cover New Zealand. We have been successfully providing therapeutic, prevention and education services throughout the upper North Island for 30 years.

By providing a safe environment, we help our clients work through those things driving their behaviours and learn new ways to express themselves and meet their needs without engaging in further concerning or harmful sexual behaviour. Our focus is on delivering the best evidence-based clinical services that build confidence, create hope and develop trust, leading to better balanced, healthy lives for all.

Our client-centred programmes recognise how important those who are part of our clients' lives are in helping them achieve positive outcomes and life changes from the work they do with us. We will work with family, whanau, wider communities and professional agencies; providing support to them and engaging them in supporting the client.

Introduction Programme Fact Sheet

Make a referral to Safe Network

If you are a counsellor, social worker, psychotherapist, psychologist or another helping professional concerned about the sexual behaviour of a client, you can contact Safe Network to find out if we can help, by emailing

Safe Network's Problem Sexual Behaviour Indicator App can assist you to identify whether someone's behaviour is concerning or not.
SafeNet App

Please note that Safe Network is not an emergency or crisis support service. For immediate response to an emergency please contact either:

If you want to make a referral complete and submit the referral form below.

PO Box 8726, Symonds St, Auckland 1150
F: 09 377 9229

One of our team will be in contact to arrange next steps for your client, including ascertaining whether your client is eligible for community funded or self-funded treatment.

Children's Services Referral Form Youth Services Referral Form Adult Kaiwhakatere Referral Form Adult Waka Waiora Referral Form

Referral pathway

Once we receive the referral form, we undertake an initial review to identify whether Safe Network's services are right for the client, and how best we can help meet their needs.

If we think Safe Network can help, we meet with the client and undertake a more detailed assessment, finding out more about the client's background and history, the reasons for the referral, and the client's strengths and challenges. If the client is being supported by a partner, whanau, family members or other professionals we also engage them in this process.

The assessment process can vary depending on the client but usually involves the following steps:

STEP 1 - Two or three interviews with the client and any family members or support people

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STEP 2 - Collection and review of information and reports from other agencies or professionals who are involved

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STEP 3 - Completion of psychometric and psychosocial questionnaires with the client and any family members or support people.

Once the assessment process is complete, a detailed and confidential report is provided, confirming whether or not Safe Network's service are suitable for the client and recommending next steps. Subject to confidentiality provisions, a copy of this assessment report and recommendations will be sent to the referring agency or other appropriate people.

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If the client accepts our recommendation to take part in one of our programmes, they will then be assigned one of our specialist clinicians to provide therapy and manage their progress through the programme. The duration of therapy will vary based on the client's needs, but is typically between six and twelve months.

therapy flow

Within our various programmes Safe Network can offer the following targeted services:

Tikanga-informed approaches grounded in Te Ao Maori and utilising Maori therapeutic practice models for Maori clients.

Services led by Pasifika clinicians utilising clinical models embedded within various Pasifika cultural frameworks for Pasifika clients.

A gender-responsive therapeutic approach for female clients, which recognises the social and cultural realities for women within our society.

Research proposal with Safe Network

Safe Network is committed to supporting research in areas related to the work of our Agency. Consideration of any research proposal will take into account its relevance to the work of Safe Network, its client base and the wider Harmful Sexual Behaviour (HSB) and social services sector, and its impacts on Safe Network's resources, including staff time and incidental costs.

If you are a researcher wanting to undertake research at Safe Network, please complete our research proposal form and attach any relevant supporting documents.

Research Proposal Form Research Policy

making change for good

Expected outcomes

Our goal is to work with our clients so that they are able to lead safe, balanced and healthy lives with positive connections to family/whanau and the wider community. This means that when clients complete counselling at Safe Network, we expect that they:

  • tickare able to have safe, age-appropriate intimate relationships with others
  • tickwill no longer engage in concerning or harmful sexual behaviour
  • tickgain acceptance as a safe, responsible member of their families, whanau, and community
  • tickare living a safe, healthy and balanced lives.

Research indicates that around 95% of adults1 and 98% of adolescents2 with sexually harmful behaviour who complete one of Safe Network's services will not engage in any further harmful sexual behaviour.

1 Community Solutions for the Community's Problem: An outcome evaluation of three New Zealand community child sex offender treatment programmes, by Ian Lambie and Malcolm Stewart, 2003.
2 Getting it Right: An evaluation of New Zealand community treatment programmes for adolescents who sexually offend. Ka pu e ruha, ka hao te rangatahi, by Ian Lambie, 2007.

Safe Network fact sheets

Introduction Programme Fact Sheet Children's Kaitūhura Fact Sheet Youth Hei Piki Kōtuku Fact Sheet Adult Kaiwhakatere Fact Sheet Adult Waka Waiora Fact Sheet

We also offer training and education, professional services and a range of other related fee-for-service work.

Professional education training packages

Safe Network provides specialist training for both public and private organisations who want to ensure that they and their staff are fully informed of the dynamics of problematic or harmful sexual behaviours. Organisations we work with include educational and tertiary institutions, care and protection agencies, police, survivor agencies, not-for-profit groups, churches, and sporting organisations amongst others.

If you would like to know more about how we might assist you, and/or the packages we provide please email us on outlining your requirements.

Professional supervision

Safe Network provides clinical supervision to other professionals and organisations that may need to manage adults and youth with harmful sexual behaviour, and children displaying problematic or concerning sexual behaviour.

Professionals include psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, counsellors, social workers, church groups, alcohol and drug services, student counsellors and many others. For a more information about how Safe Network might assist you email


At Safe Network we take pride in the skills and abilities of our people. Should you wish to be considered for future employment opportunities at Safe Network, please email your CV and a covering letter detailing why you would like to work with us to View current employment opportunities here.

Your information will be held in a secure file and we will contact you should a position suitable become available.

Useful links

Other HSB counselling services

Safe Network is part of the Trinity Alliance group of three specialist providers across New Zealand. Safe Network's geographical region covers Northland, Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty.

WellStop is the Trinity Alliance agency based in Wellington, with service facilities in the lower North Island.

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Emergency response

For immediate response to an emergency please contact either:

Aroha we have compassion for those who are working to address their harmful sexual behaviour