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Professional Services

Professional services

our approach to achieving a safe and healthy life

at Safe Network we provide specialised therapeutic services for individuals who have engaged in concerning, problematic, or harmful sexual behaviour

We are the largest of three community-based specialised clinical assessment and intervention services in New Zealand

Our goal is to work together to address the factors that led to this behaviour and the impact on others, creating positive outcomes that lead to a safer environment for the person involved in our service, their family and friends and the wider community.

We operate the largest of three community-based specialised clinical assessment and intervention services in New Zealand. Safe Network have been successfully providing therapeutic services to the upper North Island for over 25 years.

We achieve results by providing a safe environment that allows our clients to work through their problematic behaviour to make positive change though tailored counselling and therapy.

Our client-centred work typically involves support, both for and from family, whanau, wider communities and professional agencies.

Our focus is on delivering the best evidence-based clinical services that builds confidence, creates hope and develops trust, that leads to better balanced, healthy lives for all.

Make a referral to Safe Network

If you are a counsellor, social worker, psychotherapist, clinical psychologist or another helping professional you can call Safe Network on 09 377 9898.

Ask to speak with one of our clinical team leaders to arrange next steps for your client, including ascertaining whether your client is eligible for community funded or self-funded treatment.

te whakarereke i nga oranga me te pai

making change for good

Referral pathway

To ensure we are providing the right help we will undertake an in-depth assessment to discover the individuals, history, environment and the reasons the sexualised behaviour may have occurred. Assessments typically include family members, partners, whanau, or others from the person’s wider social system as appropriate.

Most assessments will typically include:

  • two or three interviews with the individual and their significant family members or support person(s)
  • collection of information and reports from other agencies or professionals who are involved e.g. Dept. of Corrections, Oranga Tamariki (OT), Police, counsellors
  • completion of written questionnaires and psychological tests by the client and their adult family member or other support person(s).

Once the interviews and tests are completed, a detailed report is prepared. This will make recommendations about the person’s suitability for acceptance into Safe Network's services. A copy of this report, including recommendations, next steps, and process can be made available to the referrer or family as appropriate.

Individuals that attend Safe Network will be allocated to a primary clinician for the duration of their intervention. All interventions are tailored to the personal needs of the individuals and involve both individual and group work. Each service includes all or some of the following:

  • weekly group sessions (except for children and female clients)
  • weekly one-to-one appointments as required
  • monthly family sessions
  • intensive group therapy and adventure-based interventions.

Research proposal with Safe Network

Safe Network is committed to support research in those areas relevant to the work of the Agency. Consideration of any research proposal will take into account its relevance to the work of Safe Network, its client base and the wider Harmful Sexual Behaviour (HSB) and social services sector, and its impacts on Safe Network’s resources including staff time and incidental costs.

Please complete the following research form and attach any relevant supporting documents.

each person has their own story to tell as to what led them to attend Safe Network services, and each story is different and unique to them... what all these people share in common, is a need and a desire to change their behaviour

Expected outcomes

Our goal is to work with you to ensure you are able to lead a safe and healthy life. This means that when you have completed counselling at Safe Network, we expect that you:

  • are able to have safe intimate relationships with others
  • will no longer engage in harmful sexual behaviour
  • gain acceptance as a safe, responsible member of your family, whanau, and community
  • are living a safe, healthy and balanced life.

Research indicates that around 95% of adults1 and 98% of adolescents2 with sexually harmful behaviour who complete one of Safe Network's services will not engage in any further harmful sexual behaviour.

  1. Community Solutions for the Community’s Problem: An outcome evaluation of three New Zealand community child sex offender treatment programmes, by Ian Lambie and Malcolm Stewart, 2003
  2. Getting it Right: An evaluation of New Zealand community treatment programmes for adolescents who sexually offend. Ka pu e ruha, ka hao te rangatahi, by Ian Lambie, 2007

Safe Network fact sheets

We also offer training and education, professional consultations and a range of other related fee-for-service work.

Professional education training packages

Safe Network provides specialist training for both public and private organisations who want to ensure that they and their staff are fully informed of the dynamics of problematic or harmful sexual behaviours. Organisations we work with include educational and tertiary institutions, care and protection agencies, police, survivor agencies, not-for-profit groups, churches, and sporting organisations amongst others.

If you would like to know more about how we might assist you, and/or the packages we provide please either download our education and professional development request form email us on or call us on 09 377 9898 to discuss your requirements.

Professional supervision

Safe Network provides clinical supervision to other professionals and organisations that may need to manage adults, and youth with harmful sexual behaviour and children displaying problematic or concerning sexual behaviour.

Professionals include psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, counsellors, social workers, church groups, alcohol and drug services, student counsellors and many others. For a more detailed discussion of your needs, and to hear how Safe Network might assist you please email

we act with honesty and integrity in all of our relationships with our clients, ourselves and each other

Case consultation

Safe Network provides specialist case consultations to other professionals in order to assist them to determine the most appropriate course of action for any client prior to referral to Safe Network for a clinical assessment.

To arrange an initial discussion as to how a specialist case consultation might be useful in supporting your clinical decision making process please email A specialist clinician will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your needs.


At Safe Network we take pride in the skills and abilities of our people. Should you wish to be considered for future employment opportunities at Safe Network, please email your CV and a covering letter detailing why you would like to work with us to

Your information will be held in a secure file and we will contact you should a position suitable become available.

Useful links

Other HSB counselling services

Safe Network is part of the Trinity Alliance group of three specialist providers across Aotearoa. Safe Network's geographical region covers Northland, Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty.

WellStop is the agency based in Wellington, with service facilities in Palmerston North, Napier and Gisborne. Wellstop’s services can be located at: or phone 04 566 4745

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safer lives with safe communities

hope... trust... confidence

through a safe environment we help people work through and come to terms with their behaviour and learn ways to prevent the harmful sexual behaviour from reocurring

Emergency response

For immediate response to an emergency please contact either:

we have compassion for those who are working to address their harmful sexual behaviour